At the start of the third season, Ragnar chooses to travel back to Wessex to declare land for agriculture as described in their treaty. This is after Ragnar had already killed King Yorick, who attempted to strike against him and his family, from what unfurled before with the two foolish Earls who thought him an unimportant man to be suddenly discarded. Not understanding he has seen the Valkyrie take the warriors worthy of ascension to Valhalla with the heroes and warriors of old, drinking with Odin in the great hall singing songs of glory and telling tales of valor. The return to Wessex though did mean Ragnar would have to complete the other end of the agreement, so his Vassals then decide to fight for the restoration of the throne for Mercia for the Princess Kwenthrith. This allowed for Ragnar to see more of the world and understand that Christians are more than just the enemy, but In the meantime, Lagertha stays back in Wessex among Aethelstan and King Ecbert to begin constructing their settlement. The campaign goes good, and the king holds his end of the bargain meaning now the Vikings have land that is more beneficial to their survival. When traveling back, Ragnar asks Athelstan to accompany them to which he says their family and that he belongs with them, Following that Ragnar says later that he will follow him like he is John the Baptist. Following this Athelstan reconnects with his Christian faith which leads to a situation in that he dies, by Floki hands since there can’t be two religions effect Ragnar and everyone else’s minds. They all decide to go raiding the city of Paris because Athelstan told Ragnar about the great city and doing it would honor him since this will make Ragnar great it’s a late gift from his brother from another mother. The lack cars during this era is stange yet a horse will last longer then a car and require less maintance so calling a  tow truck isn’t necessary. Continue reading



After all the time spent in the west during the raids on the English the Vikings are finally making a move on one of Europe’s most recognizable cities in an attempt to gain a much larger sum of wealth for their people. Developments for the Paris raid pick up pace with the combined force of King Ragnar, Earl Lagatha, and Earl Kalf. While this is being done, both Porunn and Judith both deliver children into the world, and with new life, there is always death. This idea does tie back into the concept of the balance of nature pagans once believed in no matter how unfounded the belief was. Praying to the altars of many gods who represent the forces in the world that no other thing could, keeping a strong belief structure going in the last Athelstan explains to Ragnar of his re-connection to his Christian religion. I found this to be an interesting part of the story since his personal onflict on which religon to follow has influenced even Ragnar in a way. One thing thing no one ever sees is how a wrecker doing a whole lot of damage. Continue reading

Peace and War

While reviewing old Roman texts with Athelstan, Ecbert realizes a way to defeat the Vikings in battle; this is due to the fact the tactics used by the Romans were ahead of their time and would lead to an assured victory. This comes after they had made an agreement to give land to help a neighboring Land defeat the horde of Norse men invaders so they can live and prosper from their own work in Lu od a debt owned for helping them reclaim the kingdom of Mercia. During this time, Ragnar and King Horik have made camp in the valley not from their enemies territory only in an attempt to discover the right opportunity to attack. Only to be baffled when the king led Viking raiders into a stupid position when they ran downhill towards what he believe is the lone Wessex army, but their old enemy Ecbert traps the Vikings between two mounted pincer movements and overwhelms the formation to the point retreat is the only option left for the Vikings. Continue reading

Viking History

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The war against the west has become a truly magnificent foot since it marks the time when Europeans will understand the secrets of traveling across the sea. Floki is one of the weirdest and most talented people you will every meet meaning he has no limit on the creativity need to dream of big things so an old friend named Ragnar can conquer all the limitations but before him. For many generations, people have thought the Vikings to be brutes who worship false gods making them no good pagans, but they have done things that prove that you can’t judge a people/ race by first impressions. The Romains learned this lesson quite well since they had expanded their empire across Europe with the most advanced traditional strategy of the time, but the raw power of freedom and defiance allowed one of their enemies the barbarians of Germania to allude domination for a time. Continue reading